Energy here and now

Training facilitates change

The energy industry is an industry of change. Adato’s seminars on topical issues provide information on expectations concerning the business and on the impacts of legislation. Moreover, the seminars are a perfect forum for meeting colleagues and experts on energy field. Energy technology calls for special expertise, which is why Adato also arranges technology training for example in the most recent network construction methods and electrical safety regulations. Moreover, Adato produces company-specific training customised for your needs. Electronic communication technology is increasingly utilized in training with course webinars and electronic training materials.

Electronical information on district heating and electricity distribution

The district heating portal is a data bank for companies supplying district heating. All the topical information required by such companies is compiled under the portal. The system includes document templates, photographs, drawings and forms. There are specific sections for technical engineering, construction, safety guidelines, and corporate environmental management programmes. The portal is produced in co-operation with the Finnish Energy Industries.

The electricity distribution portal is designed to support the daily work of the operation, maintenance and construction of electricity distribution networks. All the topical information on electricity networks is compiled under the portal. This information includes the recommendations on distribution network construction, the template documents on network construction contract and other guidelines and recommendations. The content is co-developed by the Finnish Energy Industries and Adato Energia Oy.

IT and information sharing maintained by Adato is the Internet portal for the energy industry and the home page of the Finnish Energy Industries. The portal contains topical information on energy issues. The Extranet built within the system is a site for issues such as summaries of energy news published in Finnish newspapers and retrieval of information from the data bank of the energy industry. The Extranet also serves as the Finnish Energy Industries’ information channel to its members.

Printed technology and consumer information

Technical guidelines and recommendations are included in the materials published by Adato (are still published in print by Adato). These assist those working on electricity networks and district heating. Textbooks for distribution network duties are suited for the basic and supplementary training of network electricians. Adato also publishes materials such as guides for energy use, which can be distributed to energy companies’ customers, and terms of contract between customers and energy companies.

Keep your customers in the loop

A customer newsletter is like a business card for an energy company. Adato produces tailored customer newsletters both to individual energy companies and to marketing chains shared by the companies. Adato is well familiar with the needs and expectations of the energy business. The service concept is founded on good partners and extensive networking. And the newsletter is available both in electronic and print format.

Environmental information to companies and savings tips to households

Adato’s information services on energy use and energy saving support energy companies’ customer service. These services cover training, electronic calculation and analysis tools, and electronic and printed brochures.

”Energiauutiset” focuses on energy policy

”Energiauutiset”, published by Adato and the Finnish Energy Industries, is a trade journal for the Finnish energy business. The journal deals extensively with energy policy and events in the energy industry. The journal is intended for those working in energy companies and for anyone interested in the energy business. In addition to the printed journal Energiauutiset is available in electronic format.


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